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Do you have Squirrels in your loft ?

About Squirrels

Originally introduced from America during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the grey squirrel has spread widely and today is a well-known feature of British parks, gardens and woodland. The grey squirrel has pushed the UK’s native red squirrel near to extinction in all but a few places, in under a century.

As a result, grey squirrels are regarded as a pest especially if they choose to nest in your premises.

People think that squirrels are cute and cuddly but they actually cause more problems than rats. Squirrels are very determined creatures and once they enter your loft it is very difficult to get them out and keep them out. Rats, on the other hand, tend to enter lofts by accident and don’t normally try to find their way in again.

Squirrel problem ?

Squirrels like to build nests in warm, secure places - like your loft or chimney where they can chew through water pipes and electric cables.

If squirrels get into these spaces they can chew through water pipes or electric lighting cables, causing chaos.

Electric cables chewed by squirrels are a common cause of house fires. Like rats, squirrels have ever-growing incisor teeth and the best place for them to gnaw when they are in your loft is the roof timbers causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

What can be done ?

Physically blocking gaps and entry holes with wire mesh is the best answer. Various types of traps are available as is a poison based on warfarin, but only to professional technicians. Release of grey squirrels caught in cage traps is illegal.

If you have got Squirrels in your loft dont hesitate call us today

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