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Fumigation Service

Fumigation offers almost 100% reduction of most target pest populations virtually overnight. When you need a fumigation performed safely and effectively, Catch-It Pest Control has the experience, equipment and manpower for the task. We are vastly experienced in our domestic and commercial fumigations our professionals have fumigated everything ranging from antique clocks and furniture to food processing facilities over 5 million cubic feet.

What We Will Do

We will thoroughly examine your property and assess the problem discreetly, in accordance with your personal requirements.

Once inspected, your property will undergo rigorous fumigation by our team, using the most modern appliances and solutions.

We use insecticides provided by the best UK pest supplier in order to protect your home to the maximum and eliminate all crawling or flying insects from your premises.

You will be advised to hoover the infested premises thoroughly and then leave the property for two hours. On return after the treatment, open all windows to allow fresh air to circulate and don’t clean the treated areas for at least 4 days.

If necessary, we will inspect your home two weeks after the initial treatment to ensure all evidence of pests is completely removed. You will also be offered free advice on how to prevent future infestations.

Fumigation is a highly complex procedure that should only be performed by trained and experienced professionals. 

Catch-It Pest Control treatments comply with current health and safety legislation and COSSH. We have full liability insurance that covers up to 5 million pounds at Catch-It Pest Control Ltd.

If you require Fumigation Services in London or Essex for a rapid response or just advice please call us on: 0208 787 5929 or 07919 99 65 65 24HR EMERGENCY HELPLINE

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